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L4 Public Law: Parliamentary Sovereignty (March 2020)

Impact of EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020


L5 Property Law: Easements

Working a problem question

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Latest Special Topics

  • Tort Part A 2022 (Vicarious Liability)

  • Jurisprudence Part A 2022 (DPP v Zeigler)

  • Public Law: Parliamentary Supremacy, Brexit, and COVID-19; Devolution after Brexit

Contract Law

  • Formation (Offer, Acceptance, ICLR)

  • Consideration

  • Duress

  • Misrepresentation

  • Terms

  • Statutory Regulation (UCTA, SGA, SGSA, CRA)

  • Mistake

  • Frustration

  • Breach

  • Damages

  • Remedies

  • Third Parties (Privity)

EU Law

  • Free Movement of Workers and Citizenship

  • Direct Effect

  • Free Movement of Goods and Services

  • Proportionality

  • Competition Law

Company Law

  • Corporate Personality and Veil Lifting

  • Management of the Company and Director’s Duties

  • Dealing with Outsiders

  • Dealing with Insiders / Class Rights

  • Corporate Governance

Criminal Law

  • Constructing Liability (Actus Reus, Mens Rea, Causation, Coincidence)

  • Problem Questions - Issue Identification

  • Homicide

  • Non-Fatal Offences (OAPA)

  • Sexual Offences (SOA)

  • Property Offences

  • Defences

  • Accessorial Liability (Complicity / Participation)

  • Attempts

  • Strategy for Part A (structured problem question)

Tort Law

  • Negligence I (Duty, Breach)

  • Negligence II (Causation, Defences)

  • Economic Loss

  • Nuisance and Rylands v Fletcher

  • Occupiers' Liability

  • Tresspass to Person; Psychiatric Injury

  • Employer's and Vicarious Liability

Equity and Trusts

  • Foundations of Trusts Law

  • Breach of Trust, Fiduciary duties, and Tracing

  • Charitable Trusts

  • Secret Trusts

  • Resulting Trusts

  • Formalities

  • Constructive Trusts

Public Law

  • Separation of Powers

  • Rule of Law

  • Parliamentary Supremacy

  • Royal Prerogatives

  • Bicameral Parliament (Legislation, House of Lords, House of Commons)

  • Ministerial Accountability

  • Judicial Review

  • Human Rights

  • Devolution and Federalism

  • Constitutionalism (Political, Legal, Codification)

  • Recent Developments since 2021

Property Law

  • Leases and Licenses

  • Easements

  • Non-leasehold Covenants

  • Mortgages

  • Adverse Possession

  • Co-ownership; Severance; Dispute Resolution

  • Family Homes and Proprietary Estoppel

  • Registered and Unregistered Land; Priorities


  • Natural Law

  • Kelson

  • Dworkin

  • Hart's Concept of Law

  • Feminism

  • Liberalism

  • Marxism

  • Raz