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Our WhatsApp groups

If you have trouble accessing the WhatsApp groups with the links below, please register and then contact us on the main LLS group.

Live Law Sessions

Registration required. Current UOL students only.

Code of Conduct

  • A high degree of professional behaviour is expected from all members.

  • No copyrighted material to be exchanged in these groups

  • Academic dishonesty is prohibited and will be reported

  • Active participation required; inactive members will be removed periodically

  • These groups have an international membership; please use English to communicate

  • Spamming, unsolicited private messaging, and abusive behaviour will result in removal

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Post-LLB / Qualification

WhatsApp groups managed by friends

Where multiple groups exist; please join only one to make space for others. Important information will be cross-posted to all groups.