Q. What are these sessions all about?

A: So far we have all been joining and/or running WhatsApp groups, and though the groups are useful for some things, I feel that high-quality education needs a level of interaction that WhatsApp just can’t provide and its really difficult to manage all the groups; having a single platform would be much more beneficial for all. I have taught many students in Pakistan with great success and satisfaction, so I was hoping to also bring some of this to students studying internationally.

Q: The sessions are really free? There’s no catch?

A: All sessions are free on a space-available basis. But, I have limited time, so I may have to pick and choose topics for my sessions and students. Also, we have now grown to a size where we are unable to invite everyone interested to all sessions, so we prioritise crash course subscribers and new joiners who have had less opportunity to participate in our sessions. I apologise in advance if I don’t manage to help everyone!

I offer structured courses for select students who are looking for more intensive and focused preparation for the exam. As this requires more time commitment and preparation, there is a small charge to attend. Signing up guarantees your ability to attend sessions, watch recordings of past sessions, and review supporting material.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: I absolutely love teaching and love to help, especially with a class of students who are eager to learn. It’s also fun to interact with people with a diverse background and get to know them. I would like to expand my network globally.

Q: Are you personally conducting all the sessions?

A: Yes, for now. I am planning to include others over time but it will always be under my supervision. Good teachers are hard to find!

Q: I registered in the form; what’s next?

A: Within a few minutes you should get a welcome email with more information. Please ensure that your University of London email address is correct! I will be using VLE material in the sessions, so for copyright reasons the sessions can only be limited to UoL students.

Q: How will the session be conducted?

A: Each session is generally from 40 - 90 minutes and will be conducted over Zoom, so you can attend from your PC, tablet, or phone. The sessions are designed to be interactive, so please be prepared to be asked questions and to interact with the group!

Q: What will be covered in the session?

A: The format differs, but most of the sessions will target a specific topic, and may include worked questions from past exam papers.If you have specific interests, the last question of the form is a space for comments where you can let me know what you’d like to focus on in these sessions.

Q: What if I need help beyond what you’ve offered in the sessions?

A: As mentioned in the question above, I also offer structured courses for students who are looking for more intensive and focused preparation for the exam. As this requires more time commitment, there is a small charge to attend.

You are always welcome to get in touch with me if there’s something more you need.

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