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WhatsApp groups

We are active in multiple WhatsApp groups - check out the full list. When you sign up for free sessions, your welcome email contains the link to the Live Law Sessions WhatsApp group currently accepting new joiners - just click the invite link to join us, and say hi!

Exam techniques and useful reference material

Browse a compilation of documents on exam strategy and technique (how to answer essay and problem questions), grading scales, avoiding plagiarism, and other useful UoL forms.

Exam Exchange (peer review)

Sat an online UoL LLB exam in 2020 or 2021? Upload your answer scripts and grades, and get access to what others have uploaded.

Exam Exchange - collected papers

View recent exam papers (June 2021, all Blocks) collected by the community.

Module Guides

Access the collection of all the latest module guides for easy reference. Module registration not required!

Special Topics

Sessions held on special topics (including wrap-up sessions covering topics to focus on in various modules).