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Community-powered learning

Use our electronic Case Management platform for revision and to collaborate in assembling key cases. Now covering all core modules.


  • Use the Case Management Platform to quickly search for cases

  • Contribute notes, and review the contributions of others - accelerate your learning with the power of the community

  • Add tags and links to other online resources and databases

  • Active contributors get long-term access to the platform, including advanced features like the ability to assemble case lists

Accessing the Platform

You can access the Case Management System from the Dashboard.

How to contribute

  • If you have a case in mind, search for it using the "View Cases" button

  • If the case doesn't exist, add it to the system with "Report a Case". Fill in details like the facts, ratio, and links to other online resources

  • Cases in a status of "New" or "Needs Work" need your help to flesh our more detail. Once you feel a case report is of sufficient quality, set it to "Ready for Review" for us to take a look

  • Cases in "Looks Good" status have been reviewed by us.

  • The "My View" and "Summary" buttons provide lots of statistics on where further contributions are needed!